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Bahama Mama / Bratwurst Combo Pack


Bahama Mama: A creation from our German meat packing family who possess over 120 years of sausage making experience. The Bahama Mama is a fully cooked natural hickory smoked sausage made from specially selected lean cuts of beef and pork, blended with our secret spice pack formulation. The Bahama is a natural cased Old-World product. The spice level is moderate so as not to hide the flavor of the quality cuts of beef and pork used.


Bratwurst: A staple from the Schmidt’s Packing Company. This 130-year-old recipe is made with fresh cuts of pork, light seasonings, and stuffed in an Old-World natural casing. The first bratwurst in the city of Columbus and a Schmidt family favorite!

  • 5 lbs. Schmidt’s Bahama Mamas (15 links)
  • 4 lbs. Schmidt’s Bratwurst (12 links)

From: $112.00

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