schmidts-birthday-celebrationBrian Batch moved to Columbus to attend college at Otterbein in the early 1990’s, and he’s been celebrating with Schmidt’s ever since.

The first time I went to Schmidt’s was on my birthday in 1996 when I turned 20. I was with a few fraternity buddies of mine and we went to the old Schrock Road location. The buffet was delicious and I remember my first taste of a Bahama Mama, because spicy food makes me sweat, but it was perfect because the weather was awfully cold. I had my first (uh, legal, ha ha) drink with my best friend at the German Village bar the next year. I’m a diabetic, so I usually only get a small taste of the cream puffs if my guests are hungry enough for dessert. I always am sure to hit the buffet and sometimes I bring home a takeout order of German potato salad and definitely the horseradish.

I simply love German Village in the winter, love Schmidt’s food, and have simply carried on the tradition all this time. As I’ve aged, my metabolism isn’t what it used to be–I used the carry back four full plates from the buffet in my early 20s, but now it seems a plate and a half if stretching it… So as I get older, your profit margin is increasing! 🙂

Thanks for celebrating with us, Brian! Share your own celebration stories with us on the hashtag #celebrateschmidts for the chance to be featured!

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